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You don't say no to Shanimal
Fantezie scrisa de: shanimal
Citita de 2997 ori.
Nota 7 (cumulata din 3 de voturi ale vizitatorilor)
Ete asa vreau io, sa fie in engleza. Descurca-te!

You don't say no to Shanimal

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Sinful: Best english fantasy so far ! :)
matureMONICA: HA,HA......te-ai votat singur. Ia un 2, pt inteligenta.
shaytan: Even it's in English, and as we all know, Romanian is so full of contexts and subtile turns, it's still so very nice to read and to turn on the fantasy. Keep up the good work!


Sinful (10), matureMONICA (1), shaytan (10).

Opinia Ta

Opinia Ta


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